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Congratulations to our very own Tracey Reid for achieving her goal of a Provincial show!

After months and weeks of training and dieting Tracey achieved her goal of stepping on stage in a Provincial Fitness Show.  Training for a show like this consumes your every day thoughts.  From food to physical exhaustion there isn’t much left at the end of the day.  Day in day out this is your life.  Most definitely it is a sport!  You train, eat and sleep until “game time” and the results are a win no matter what the out come is.


May 2015                        Nov 2015                         May 2017


“Had a great time at Provincials this past May in Toronto.  Always amazed at the awesome women that I meet competing.  Started my journey back in June 2015 where I did the Stephanie Worsfold show and entered in open, masters and grand masters in figure. I was so happy to have placed in the medals 4th in open and 5th in grandmasters masters.  It inspired me to do a second show in Dec 2016 where again was excited to have placed 2nd in masters, 2nd in grandmasters and 5th in open.  I always said if I got a 1st or 2nd and qualified for a big show (provincials) I would do it.  So 17 months later I found myself on the provincial stage.  Did not place top 5 but am so proud of my accomplishments.  So happy I tested my will power and determination to try and accomplish these goals and now I am determined to keep up the drive to stay in peak condition.  I say I won’t do another show but who knows in a couple years if I don’t try a regional show again.  

Ps. Big shout out to my boss Shelley Greig for allowing me the time off when I needed it and an ear to listen to me when in times it got a bit tuff.”



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