Tanya Ryan

Tanya Ryan

Tanya_web“Competitive and Compassionate”

I have been actively involved in competitive sports my entire life with my favourite being Fastball.  Having performed at the top level in the Kitchener AAA Fastball as a pitcher and finishing 2nd in Provincials was one of the highlights during my young adult life. The personal coaching that I received during this time was invaluable to me and not only taught me that hard work and training pays off but also had a huge influenced in the way my life progressed.

For almost twenty years, I have been coaching or training sports including Fastball, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, and Hockey.  I get great satisfaction from the results obtained through hard work and a good training program.  My ability to motivate and provide challenging but achievable goals can be seen by the success of these teams and individuals.

I am an avid supporter of living healthy while having fun.  I have always been passionate about health and am known for my slight competitiveness which has helped drive me and others towards maintaining a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

As a Certified Personal Trainer my “Coaching” days have been my inspiration and continue to be useful in my training style. I have learned what works and how to motivate and yet still be compassionate which, is also reflected in the classes I teach.  Come in a let’s chat about your goals and how we will get you there.



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