FUNattack Finale for Southampton Hospital 2017

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FUNattack Finale for Southampton Hospital 2017

FUNattack Finale!   Yep, last one!!! (but you know what they say…Never say never)
I Love setting goals. Mini Goals, Big Goals, Fitness Goals, Nutritional Goals, Life Goals, you get the point. I had always wanted to be a runner – not because I like running (hell no)! But because runners get to set new goals all the time. Just the idea of training and planning for a marathon and then the “high” once you have accomplished each goal appeals to me.

Sadly running is just not for me. Oh I tried! But this body is just not meant for running. How could this be? I am physically fit. I have strong legs and good cardio. Aside from teaching various classes for years and doing my own weight training, I also roller blade, mountain bike, down hill and cross country ski, martial arts, and my all time favourite, roller skating, when I can find an actual rink (okay I am dating myself). How can I not add running to my list? I wanted to do a marathon! I wanted that challenge and all the training and dedication that went with it!

It drove me crazy that not only did I not like running but that I couldn’t even learn to like it because my body failed me. Um, back up … my body hasn’t failed me. It’s just not meant to run.

And then I had an “a-ha!” moment. I still wanted a marathon and maybe there were others like me … and so we created our Annual “FUN”attack fundraiser for Saugeen Memorial Hospital.

April 22  come join Fitness Funatics’ 5 hour “ Finale FUNattack” Fitness Marathon!

1 hour of Spinning
1 hour of Kickboxing
1 hour of “Pumping” Muscle
1 hour of TRX
1 hour of Boot Camp
0 hours of Running!
= 5 hours of FUN!

The Southampton Hospital is currently undergoing renovations and will soon have a new Emergency Room area. This area is going to need new equipment! Since this is our last and final FUNattack we want to go out with a BANG and have set our goals high from our yearly $10,000.00 goal to $20,000.00!

100% of all donations go towards our cause! An extensive list of specific equipment is being developed at this time by Hospital Staff. Once the list is available we will see what our $20,000 can purchase and let you know! As every year, Fitness Funatics has done our own fundraising in the form of prizes and this year is no exception!  We are super excited to have even more incentives to help encourage your fundraising efforts!   I will keep you all posted on prizes as we get them!

Last yearsFUN!…..

Print your Fundraising Form:

Click on the form at the bottom for a pdf version that you can print and use for your fundraising. (NOTE: the form is in LANDSCAPE FORMAT, so be sure to change your printer from the standard format to LANDSCAPE in your printer dialogue/settings.)
Online Fundraising:

To make it even easier to fundraise donors can go on line to sponsor you.

Click here to sponsor a participant!

You can create your own FUNattack Fundraising face book event or page with your “flare” and post the link there, then invite all your friends to visit your page and donate.

Each week you will be informed of who has graciously donated to you so you may thank them.  Remember…We can only take 30 participants max so to secure your spot as soon as you get a minimum of $100.00 in pledges contact me and I will reserve your spot!  But don’t stop at $100.00! Aside from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes, everyone who earns pledges totally $600.00 or more will be entered into a draw for more fabulous prizes!

Fun Attack Pledge Form 2017


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